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dtools.net - network tools collection

Wake On wan Turn ON your computer over Internet by sending magic packet
PagreRank checker Check Google PageRank, Alexa rank, and many more
Ports probe Tests common ports on your hostname
Ip 2 Value Convert IP address to value
Value 2 IP Convert value to IP address
WHOIS service Get register information about domains
PING service Ping any host in the world
NSLOOKUP service Preform a nslookup request from dtools.net
Tracert Trace route to a host
Hash calculator Calculate MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 hash online
ROT13 generator Generate ROT13 from any text provided
Network speeds chart How fast is OC-3, OC-12, T1, DS3...
Who am I? Shows informations about you
DNS Report See records of any nameserver
ASCII art generator Create cool ASCII art for your router motd
IMG2ASCII converter Upload your image and create ASCII art from it
ASCII art gallery Huge collection of ASCII pictures classified by topic
Tiny URL Don't like long addresses? Then cut it! :)
Meta TAG analyzer Script for analyzing meta tags of your webpage
XML Sitemap Generator Free Online XML Sitemap Generator
Color picker Javascript simple colorpicker
.htpasswd .htaccess password generator
SSH Client Free Online SSH Java based client
SFTP Client Java based Secure FTP client applet
Keyword generator Analyze and generate META Keywords for your web site
What is my ipv6? Find out what is your ipv6 address if you have any